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Our Annual Reports from previous years are available here in PDF format. Be sure to check out some of the exciting research stories from the past few years!

2019 Annual Report


  • The French Connection: Forging new partnerships in neuroscience
  • Moral injury in servicewomen and female veterans
  • Whose guideline is it anyway?
  • Holding Steady: Limiting the progression of pulmonary fibrosis
  • Personalizing treatment of severe asthma for better outcomes
  • Making surgery safer for patients who rely on anticoagulant therapy
  • Improving gestational diabetes outcomes for women and newborns
  • Supporting research with leading imaging technology
  • The search for a more effective treatment for high blood pressure
  • Empowering patients to make informed medical decisions
  • Isolating the factors that accelerate the growth of prostate cancer

2018 Annual Report


  • Improving treatment for Canadians living with PTSD
  • Through the Haze: Advancing the science of medical cannabis
  • Helping the world breathe better
  • Building research capacity across the globe
  • Cartilage Culture: A new hope for knees
  • Look and Listen: Using ultrasound to catch arthritis sooner
  • Designing high quality research from start to finish
  • Could atherosclerosis be an auto-immune disease?
  • A giant leap in the fight against urological cancer
  • Supporting Discovery: One patient’s message of hope